Establishing Excellence

IPC International Corporation boasts a long history of providing superior service, quality and training. As continually growing innovators, we are dedicated to constantly breaking new ground and leading the competition. Our security expertise and commitment to excellence stem from more than 30 years of experience in the security industry. Since 1978, shopping centers and public venues have relied on IPC International for innovative security solutions that effectively maintain safety.

IPC began in 1978 as a security company dedicated entirely to the shopping center environment. At that time, shopping center security was performed mainly in-house. IPC service, training and programs were superior to in-house teams, and IPC security eventually became an extension of mall management teams rather than a contractor. As we continued to expand our security strategies and services, IPC created the market for shopping center security. By the 1990s, the IPC team captured the entire market and was almost the sole provider of shopping center security.

Into the New Millennium
In the 2000s, IPC continued to lead the shopping center security industry. We began to further distance ourselves from the competition, standing above the rest through enhanced safety and training programs that surpassed others and eventually set the standard for excellence:

  • First S.A.F.E.T.Y. Act certified company in the shopping center space
  • First company designated to provide AHA training in shopping center security
  • First security firm to offer enhanced training, such as MOAB and threat assessment

Today and Tomorrow
As our society, culture and economy evolve at rapid speed, so must our strategies for keeping the public safe in times of crises. At IPC, we continue to take our reputation, skill, expertise and leadership into new markets. Through ongoing education and training, we remain up-to-date on current security trends, tools and technology that allow us to provide the most effective security. And we are ready for whatever the future may bring.

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