Leaders in Protecting People and Places

The IPC approach to serving clients emphasizes an efficient support structure, investment in people and training, exceptional customer service and state of the art technology. We believe that all of these elements are necessary for protecting dynamic environments, where superior organization is required, rapid response is vital, and clear, comprehensive analysis is indispensable.

Corporate Support Structure
Field security teams are carefully monitored and fully supported by our corporate team, giving them the resources they need to execute their responsibilities. All IPC personnel are thoroughly screened and evaluated prior to deployment.

Training and Education
IPC is the world leader in security training and education. Our initial and continuing learning programs keep our staff on the cutting edge of industry best practices in risk mitigation and technology that are so critically necessary for protecting people and places in dynamic environments, large and small.

Customer Service
At IPC, customer service is more than a concept – it is a frame of mind. Members of our organization at all levels are fully committed to providing rapid response, whenever and wherever a need arises. Beyond that, our customer service strategy emphasizes a proactive approach, based on the principle that the best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from occurring.

Best of Class Technology
Using InSite™, our proprietary, state of the art reporting technology, we set a new standard for incident monitoring and forecasting criminal activity. Our ability to share knowledge and review activity allows us to act and react with maximum efficiency.

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