Leaders in Security Training and Education

True preparedness comes from an in-depth and up-to-date understanding of security and public safety in dynamic environments. Our comprehensive and on-going professional development programs for our security personnel and management are recognized as the preeminent programs within the security industry, receiving numerous awards and recognition. All of our security personnel undergo the following training process.

  • Pre-assignment preparedness
  • Basic training
  • Site-specific instruction
  • Ongoing education on current events, trends and practices
  • Professional development

Our officers are specifically educated to be proactive and prepared for a variety of safety risks and potential exposures. This training helps us anticipate emergencies, prevent crimes and reduce potential breaches in security.

Public Interaction Skills
To provide security to people and places, it is necessary to interact with people. IPC’s officers are educated in effective communication skills enabling them to successfully handle any situation or need that may arise. IPC Field Management Teams not only protect assets, they add value to clients by serving as Public Safety Ambassadors.

The Most Valuable Resource: Our People
IPC invests heavily in training and development because we know that any organization is only as good as its people. Our proprietary Learning Management System, IPC InSite™, allows IPC to efficiently and effectively deliver the most current specialized training modules, ensuring our employees are prepared for any security threat that might arise.

In addition to our world class training programs, we offer employees competitive pay and a solid benefit package, and cultivate a work environment based on teamwork, responsibility, and diversity.

Comprehensive Knowledge of Dynamic Security Environments
We analyze, evaluate, and communicate the most current trends and developments within the security space. IPC maintains regular, ongoing communication with the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service, ATF, FEMA, U.S. Customs Office, Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney General’s Office, and major metropolitan police and fire agencies. This is done to keep you informed, allowing us, collaboratively, to make the best security decisions.

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