Security Strengthened By Experience

IPC security professionals have the industry-leading training, experience and public interaction skills to provide the measured response needed in high conflict situations. For more than 30 years, the IPC team has been committed to addressing security challenges of all kinds, giving us the expertise that allows for quick assistance and solutions that keep the public safe. We have built our organization on a strong foundation of management and support, with unparalleled supervision and dedication at every business level.

Your Complete Security Solution
We understand that within each environment, whether a public park or a shopping mall, comes a need for customized, complete security standards that achieve comprehensive and effective public safety. IPC worldwide security services range from uniformed and armed security to K-9 services and special training needs. We offer loss prevention and investigations, risk management and consulting, personal protection and vehicle patrol. Each security professional is specially trained to provide the highest quality of support, so that no matter what the environment or event demands, you can rely on our wealth of knowledge and experience to help you implement an effective strategy.

The quality of our core services is driven by our core mission: To enhance the value of properties through unmatched security that stems from decades of experience and a commitment to the public.

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