Higher Levels of Armed Security

For superior security that maintains public safety and peace of mind, count on IPC International. Our armed security officers and professionals have the skills and resources to respond effectively in emergency situations, as well as the experienced knowledge of dynamic environments that allow for detection of suspicious behavior and the deterrence of unsafe activity. When a particular event or location is at a higher risk of crisis, IPC armed security professionals can provide the tight security needed to uphold safety.

Unparalleled Training and Experience
Only through rigorous training and extensive on-site experience can security professionals gain the responsive expertise required to lead, communicate and protect in diverse situations. IPC International’s armed security training begins with a strict screening and hiring process, followed by facility-specific education that includes first aid, communication skills, emergency response and managing aggressive behavior. Ongoing education regarding advanced technology and security methods keep IPC’s armed security officers up to date on the most current and effective security strategies.

With a highly-skilled team of management, supervision and support personnel at all levels of security, in addition to more than 30 years of achieving safety, IPC continues to deliver quality service and committed security worldwide.

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