Detailed Security Investigation

Executing the right decision during critical and/or high-risk situations not only involves quick, immediate response, but also a wealth of background information collected from detailed investigations conducted by experienced professionals. With IPC security investigations, clients and personnel can obtain the data, evidence and support necessary to implement the most appropriate plan of action for each security challenge.

Safety Starts With You
At IPC, we put great value in our strict internal processes, from thorough screening to rigorous training. We provide meticulous background screening services for our clients’ employees, giving them the confidence they need to hire only the brightest and the best. IPC security professionals are dedicated to helping our clients grow their business, in addition to maintaining safety and peace of mind.

Working Together to Reduce Risk
IPC International’s security investigation services also include corporate investigations, fraud and abuse, intellectual property, litigation support, due diligence, and surveillance services. No matter what the situation calls for, IPC has the experience, expertise and resources required to produce valuable solutions. We collaborate closely with each client to provide the most comprehensive security investigations, keeping our clients well-informed at all times so that they can execute more effective decisions.

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