Leading Experts in K-9 Security Services

With expertise in K-9 security services, IPC professionals offer high-visibility security that deters crime and maintains crowd control at public events. The IPC K-9 Unit remains constantly updated on explosives used for domestic/foreign terrorism, so that its security team can stay alert, aware and responsive to suspicious behavior at all times. Our bomb detection dogs are fully trained to detect explosive materials, providing IPC professionals with the assistance they need to execute a safe plan of action.

Meet the IPC K-9 Teams
The IPC K-9 security teams consist of highly-trained officers and canines. Imported from Europe and bred to work hard and obey, the IPC K-9 dogs are specifically selected and trained to assist in security challenges throughout a variety of environments. While they are friendly and gentle, IPC canines respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations. IPC K-9 Security Teams are trained to meet the certification standards of recognized police canine organizations, including the U.S. Police Canine Association (USPCA) and National Police Canine Association (NPCA).

Superior K-9 Security Training
The K-9 dog training and officer training programs provide canines and officers with the skills necessary to keep the public safe. Officers are fully trained as K-9 handlers, and continue education for the most up-to-date information on K-9 security. IPC security dogs go through selection testing, controlled aggression, explosives imprinting and basic tracking tests to prepare them for any emergency situation. Together, IPC officers and dogs are trained as a team to provide effective security strategies that integrate seamlessly with a complete security plan.

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