Effective Loss Prevention Service

Many retailers constantly deal with the unfortunate reality of retail theft. An effective security system must focus on more than simply responding to the consequences of theft, but should also work to reduce theft through strong loss prevention programs. IPC International provides comprehensive loss prevention services that combine clear communication with monitoring strategies to stop theft before it happens.

Experts in Security
IPC loss prevention officers receive the highest levels of training in the industry, giving them the experience and knowledge they need to identify suspicious behavior and respond with the most appropriate plan of action. In addition to a wealth of intelligence and strong support and management teams, IPC’s high visibility presence greatly reduces the likelihood of theft. Whether patrolling the area on foot or via closed circuit monitoring, IPC loss prevention officers are always there to protect.

Communicate and Consult
At IPC International, we believe that successful security efforts come from working together. Our security professionals regularly communicate and share information with stores and retailers to help prevent theft from occurring. We also provide expert consulting for store owners and managers to reduce potential theft, and our thorough investigation services can help determine the source of specific incidents.

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