Specializing in Security Risk Mitigation

Successful security systems are built upon proven strategies, solutions and decisions that involve careful site assessment and analysis. Only with a thorough understanding of dynamic environments and security challenges can security professionals provide the prevention and protection that each unique venue demands. IPC International specializes in security risk mitigation – researching, advising and implementing a total security solution that is customized to meet clients’ needs and budget. We provide consulting and site analysis that our clients can count on.

Prevent, Protect and Enhance
At IPC, our mission is simple: To enhance the value of properties by providing superior security and service that stem from more than 30 years of experience in protecting a wide range of venues and spaces. Through this experience, we have grown into an organization with the technology, management and support that can identify the security challenges in any environment and create a comprehensive security solution that prevents and protects. From there, we have the skill and expertise to implement the security strategy and respond effectively every time.

From vehicle patrol to personal protection, our security risk services incorporate multiple security options, so each property is monitored and protected to the fullest.

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