Setting the Standard for Security Officer Training

The key to first-class security services lies in the professional development and on-site experience that security officers must receive. IPC International's security officer training involves strict and rigorous courses, preparing professionals for today’s major security challenges with the most up-to-date and advanced skills, methods and technology. Through innovative programs, pre-assignment and basic training, on-site specific training, and continuing education, IPC has set the standard for professional development in the security industry.

Education Makes the Difference
At IPC International, we hold the strong belief that education is crucial to fostering a safe environment at all times. We provide thorough security training courses and workshops for our clients and their employees, including subjects like American Heart Association (AHA), leadership development, verbal communication, diversity awareness and active shooter training. When clients and employees understand the most appropriate response for security issues, ranging from customer confrontation to open gunfire, they can effectively contribute to the organization’s complete security strategy.

Advanced Learning for Superior Security
Through IPC’s advanced software, such as IPC InSiteSM and the Learning Management System (LMS), trainees receive the most comprehensive training that prepares them for any challenge. Trainees become proficient in current security technologies and gain complete access to the materials required to finish their coursework and protect with the best.

IPC training is a blended approach of classroom delivery and online learning.  It is offered year round and 24/7.  Much of the IPC curriculum is available for license, and customized training solutions can be developed for you as well.

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