High-Tech Solutions for High Security Demands

IPC International integrates advanced security technology services for an in-depth approach to security within any venue. Our security professionals are fully trained and proficient in the most advanced software, allowing them to provide thorough safety management, reporting and security monitoring.

IPC's InSiteSM includes an Incident Management System (IMS), which gives officers the control and intelligence required for more proactive security patrolling. The Learning Management System (LMS) provides online coursework and training materials that officers need to complete or continue education. They have continual access to the most current solutions in the security industry.

IPC Emergency Communications Center
In the event of an emergency, security officers need quick and efficient access to resources that allow them to protect the public effectively. With an advanced Emergency Communications Center (ECC), IPC security professionals have the resources, communication and backup needed should a crisis or emergency occur. The ECC is constantly prepared and ready to assist on-site officers with the appropriate intelligence and clear, up-to-date communication.

Technology Consulting that Improves Security
At IPC, our team is fully trained and educated on diverse environments and venues, with experience that makes us experts in creating, improving and implementing effective security strategies. As part of IPC’s security consulting services, we can advise clients on the proper technologies to include in a customized security plan.

IPC has the technology tools and expertise to implement the most effective security strategies.

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