Uniformed Security Services that Lead and Protect

As the challenges of today’s society continually evolve, so does the need for a security provider that not only protects the public, but also monitors and detects suspicious behavior. An effective security strategy is made up of the most highly-trained professionals who are committed to reducing crime through prevention and deterrence, as well as engaging in constant communication to assist the public. At IPC International, our 6,500 uniformed security professionals have the experience and expertise that you can count on to keep the public safe at your location.

Effective uniformed security services require more than a conspicuous presence. IPC uniformed and shopping mall security professionals are proactive and responsive, with the ability to think quickly and execute critical decisions during high-stress situations. Extensive security training involves communication skills and emergency response, with ongoing education to ensure the latest safety techniques are always put into place. Our security professionals also undergo facility specific training, gaining specialized expertise to better protect the public in your unique environment.

IPC provides general security services composed of an experienced on-site staff and management team trained for any security issue, with the interactive skills to assist the public in a multitude of situations. We understand that when it comes to security, professionalism and experience are crucial matters, and IPC delivers every time.

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