Efficient, Affordable Patrol Vehicle Services

A complete, effective security solution requires a variety of safety and prevention strategies that work together for maximum protection. IPC International offers commercial vehicle security as a part of a cost-effective and comprehensive security plan, with trained security professionals who are committed to providing the leadership, communication and protection that people need in any environment.

With Segway and bike patrols, IPC security professionals can also cover a large amount of ground for high visibility and more comprehensive surveillance. Security officers have a tight handle on the venue’s all-around activity, giving them the control and awareness they need to protect the public. Covering more ground in a shorter time helps reduce the amount of officers needed, cutting costs while still providing the same superior levels of security.

Experience That Matters
IPC commercial vehicle security officers have built their skills and expertise through on-site experience and strict ongoing training, allowing them to respond quickly and effectively no matter what challenge may arise. With an in-depth understanding of dynamic environments and structured management at all levels of security, IPC security professionals are constantly prepared for any high-risk situation. Count on IPC for the security and support needed to keep the public safe.

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