Leaders in Corporate Security Services

Corporate campuses that house multiple buildings and spaces require security services that are both professional and proficient. IPC International Corporation, with more than 30 years experience in securing dynamic environments worldwide, has the public interaction and technical expertise to protect critical assets while maintaining a positive workplace environment. From risk assessment to alarm monitoring, IPC offers a wide array of services for corporate campuses and industrial park buildings.

Professional Public Interaction
IPC security teams receive in-depth and ongoing training in communication skills and public interaction. As a result, on-site officers maintain a professional bearing that enhances the corporate campus environment while providing readiness for situations that might arise. Security teams maintain a friendly and helpful attitude at all times, providing assistance to employees and guests so that business runs smoothly.

Setting the Standard for Training
Highly regarded the world over for excellence and comprehensiveness, IPC training programs equip on-site personnel with the technical skills to manage the key elements of corporate campus security, including threat assessments, threat management, emergency evacuation, and alarm and electronic security system monitoring.

Dedicated Corporate Infrastructure
IPC corporate management maintains a strict screening and hiring process, and provides close supervision and support at all levels of the security team. Our Emergency Communications Center backs up field units and provides security continuity and rapid response to all security situations.

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