Providing Downtown District Security

IPC International Corporation, with more than 30 years experience in public-facing security service, is ideally equipped to secure the dynamic environments of downtown districts. To manage events, gatherings and critical situations, our security teams receive extensive, ongoing training in “Street SmartsSM” – Smart Safety, Smart Service, Smart Security.

Maintaining Security with Positive Public Interaction
In downtown environments, IPC security officers serve as your public safety ambassadors. With professionalism and an authoritative yet friendly communication style, IPC personnel assist visitors and improve their downtown experience. In addition, the high-profile presence of our uniformed and professional security officers aids in the prevention of critical issues.>

Industry Leading Training for Downtown Security
IPC security teams achieve field effectiveness as a result of their extensive and ongoing training. Skills are continually tested and enhanced in every facet of downtown security, including public interaction, first aid and emergency response. As a result, our teams are prepared for a multitude of critical situations that can arise with or without warning.

Customized Security Solutions
Operations directors for downtown districts value IPC’s ability to customize security solutions to fit the specific requirements of their areas. Our corporate management group offers a full range of consulting services and provides security assessments to help directors identify and strategize their security plans.

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