Expertise in Healthcare Security Services

Maintaining security in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities requires expertise in environments where visitors are changing constantly. IPC International Corporation has that expertise, with more than 30 years experience securing dynamic institutional environments around the world. Our on-site security teams have the public communication skills and industry expertise to protect critical assets and mitigate risk while contributing to a comfortable atmosphere inside the medical facility.

Professional, Friendly Public Interaction
IPC security teams receive in-depth and ongoing training in communication skills and public interaction as they relate to healthcare facilities. Security officers maintain the highest level of professionalism and assist patients and visitors with courtesy and reassurance.

Comprehensive Security Services
Operations managers value IPC’s full range of healthcare security services and ability to completely manage the institution’s security program. Partnering with IPC allows administrators to take the hassle out of security and focus on their many other tasks.

Dedicated Corporate Infrastructure
IPC corporate management maintains an extremely strict screening and hiring process, and provides close supervision and support at all levels of the security team. Our Emergency Communications Center backs up all field units and provides security continuity and a rapid response to all security situations.

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