Hospitality Security Services Leadership

Hotels and resorts demand security services that are always approachable and always in a state of readiness. IPC International Corporation, with more than 30 years experience in securing dynamic indoor and outdoor environments worldwide, has the public communication and technical expertise to provide security in a friendly and welcoming manner with enhanced customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.

Public Interaction that Puts Guests at Ease
IPC security personnel are highly trained in communication skills and public interaction. As a result, our on-site staff maintains a friendly and reassuring attitude that allows guests to enjoy their environment while minimizing opportunities for critical issues to arise.

Setting the Standard for Training
IPC training programs lead the field in depth and breadth. We prepare our on-site personnel in all critical elements of hotel security, resort security and hospitality security, including reception, monitoring, guarding, protective services and emergency response.

Dedicated Corporate Infrastructure
IPC corporate management maintains a rigorous screening and hiring process for all personnel and provides close supervision and support at all levels of the security team. Our Emergency Communications Center backs up the field units and facilitates security continuity and a rapid response to any security situation that might arise.

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