World Class Security for Mixed-Use Environments

Mixed-use areas combine retail, hotel, office, entertainment and residential spaces. These environments present complex security challenges due to the variety of activities that occur there. IPC International Corporation, with more than 30 years experience, is a leader in mixed-use security services. Our on-site security teams, backed by a solid corporate infrastructure, are thoroughly trained in security protocol and public interaction – both of which are essential in mixed-use security services.

Industry Leading Training
IPC’s field effectiveness is the result of extensive, ongoing training. Security officers receive a broad range of extensive education both in the classroom and on-site, which prepares them for a multitude of critical situations. Our industry leading training programs ensures that IPC security professionals are using advanced security techniques at all times for emergency response, AHA, first aid and security breach mitigation.

Comprehensive Security Services
Mixed-use areas require multifaceted security support. IPC offers a full range of security services, including consulting, risk mitigation, loss prevention, armed guards and canine services – with cutting-edge technology supporting them all.

Dedicated Management Support
IPC’s corporate group supports our on-site security teams. With its tight management structure, IPC management delivers superior service at every business level and provides detailed reporting, monitoring and continual communication.

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