Leading Providers of Special Event Security

Facilities that host special events must be prepared for numerous security challenges. IPC International Corporation, with more than 30 years experience managing security in large public settings, is a leader in event security services for both indoor and outdoor venues. Serving more than 450 clients internationally, IPC corporate leadership and field security teams have deep understanding of the complexities of securing dynamic environments.

High Proficiency in Public Interaction
IPC training programs are esteemed worldwide for their depth and breadth. Public interaction and communication skills are key training areas for IPC officers, enabling them to establish a commanding yet friendly presence in special event security settings. For any event, prevention is a key risk mitigation factor. By making public interaction a core focus, IPC strives to reduce the potential for situations necessitating a response.

World Class Security Practices
Event promoters, event facility owners and event planners value IPC’s range of security expertise. Beyond training in communication, IPC security teams acquire knowledge of cutting edge practices and techniques in all aspects of special event security management and technology. IPC personnel are experienced and skilled in advance planning, threat assessment, crowd control, and critical response.

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