Receive the Training that Saves Lives

Emergency situations can be overwhelming, especially when people’s lives and health are at risk. With managing any venue or work environment comes the need to provide the materials, tools and training your employees need to maintain control and respond effectively if someone’s life is in danger. IPC International offers comprehensive American Heart Association (AHA) training, which teaches safety directors and employees basic first aid skills such as stopping bleeding that can be seen, assisting with broken bones or sprains, giving CPR to victims of all ages, and using an automated external defibrillator (AED). These basic skills are crucial in emergency situations, during which every second counts and quick response is necessary to keep people safe.

Flexible AHA Training to Meet Your Needs
At IPC International, we understand that different groups and properties require different types of training. We can customize AHA training courses and materials to best fit your needs, schedule and budget. Our program allows trainees to have secure, online access to documents and materials, with blogs and discussion forums to further their knowledge of AHA practices. Skills practice and assessments are given by an AHA skills evaluator. Traditional on-site instruction, training and workshops allow trainees to receive hands-on learning experiences so that they know exactly what to do in real-life situations. IPC professionals are experts in security and safety, with 30 years of experience protecting and saving lives. Count on IPC to provide effective AHA training for you and your employees.

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