Advancement through Learning Management Systems

No matter what industry you serve, comprehensive and detailed training is necessary to identify, develop and implement the most effective business solutions. IPC International professionals are leaders in security strategies because of our rigorous training program, facilitated through IPC's InSite™ Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is a proprietary Web-based training platform developed from IPC’s partnership with Lauren Innovations, provider of the NaviGate™ Critical Information Management System. The system allows for more efficient and customized training, providing the materials and resources required to apply best practices among properties and employees.

Improve Your Property with Innovative Training
IPC’s learning management software can host a large inventory of training materials, accessible online by registered users 24/7. Managing training programs becomes a simple and efficient process, providing trainees with instantaneous access to required materials once uploaded. From there, managers can track the training process and offer support and direction as needed.

Education and Communication, All in One Place
LMS e-learning software from IPC creates an online learning community, enhancing communication through blogs, podcasts and discussion forums. With helpful feedback and resources from employees and managers, trainees can better prepare for the highest levels of performance.

  • Online learning capabilities: Available as needed, at your fingertips
  • One source for all training materials
  • The most efficient and effective platform for training delivery
  • Customized training courses and program tracts to fit all your training needs
  • Enhanced communication channels to increase community learning and feedback
  • Documentation of employee training progress

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