Effective Property Management Software

Managing a property is a vast responsibility, involving control and awareness over a large space, as well as the ability to make appropriate decisions based on the right information. NaviGate™ is secure Web-based property management software available through IPC, combining IPC's InSite™ Learning Management System (LMS) and Incident Management System (IMS) software with document management and emergency response. The platform allows property managers to upload materials and documents crucial to maintaining a property’s safety, including facility maps, evacuation plans and procedures, critical asset information sheets, and shut down, lock-out and rescue procedures. Uploading and mapping photos on the facility map and integrating live video feeds helps security employees monitor activities and identify trends for a more informed, proactive security response.

Informed Emergency Response
With NaviGate™ emergency management software, emergency first responders gain full access to the information required to effectively control emergency situations. Once an emergency has been reported, first responders can log in through the online portal for visual information, including maps, photos and videos that can assist in a more targeted response.

As leading security professionals with more than 30 years of experience protecting the public, IPC has the materials and tools you need to manage and maintain safety within any environment.

  • Learning Management System delivers effective and efficient training
  • Incident Reporting System documents incidents to help prevent future occurrences
  • Document Management System manages all property documents in one place
  • Emergency Management System aids first responders in effectively executing emergency operations.

First responders have immediate access to:

  • Internal response plans
  • Call lists
  • Site and building plans – annotated with critical information
  • Feeds of live video of the site
  • Shut down, lock-out/tag-out, and rescue procedures

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