Specialized Security Training for Dynamic Environments

True preparedness is critical to a safe, effective response during an emergency situation. When working in a public space, whether a crowded entertainment venue or a large, open shopping center, employees must be prepared for any situation in order to control the public and maintain safety. IPC security professionals are proven leaders due to our superior training programs, and we are committed to providing the same quality of education to property managers, supervisors, security personnel and employees within any venue.

IPC has all the resources that property managers and security directors need to train their staff in safety and emergency response. From complete on-site instruction and training to educational materials and software, IPC professionals can design, develop and deliver a training strategy that best meets your property’s needs and budget. When combined with and implemented through IPC’s InSiteTM Learning Management System (LMS), employees can enjoy an efficient and highly accessible training process, including such courses as:

  • Verbal communications: Stresses the importance of self control, verbal and non-verbal communication, and the value of tone, respect and attitude.
  • Customer service: Identifying and responding to customers, as well as developing positive customer interaction skills.
  • Diversity awareness: Expand abilities to accept and value diversity.
  • Aggressive behavior management: Presents principles and techniques for reducing and managing violent behavior.
  • Suicide bomber behavioral guide: Understand history, target selection, identifiable behaviors and basic explosive education.

Learning from the Best
With more than 30 years of experience protecting dynamic environments through proven leadership and expertise, IPC International has set the standard for security. Our specialized security training tools and materials allow you to learn from the best.

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