City of West Palm Beach, Fla. – 2003-Current

In 2003, IPC International Corporation was contracted by the Downtown Development Authority of West Palm Beach, Fla., to provide security services in the West Palm Beach City Place shopping center. Soon afterward, the City of West Palm Beach asked IPC to provide increased security protection services in its downtown development area, which was facing a growing number of panhandlers that created a nuisance for visitors.

IPC responded by providing a greater security presence for the district, resulting in a 57% decrease in criminal incidents in the Downtown District from 2007 to 2008. Reductions in both panhandler complaints and youth-related crimes were attributed to IPC’s efforts. Also, the West Palm entertainment district benefitted from an improved public perception of safety.

Due to this success, IPC was asked to expand its services to several other key West Palm Beach public areas, including the newly constructed City Hall, Water Treatment Plant and an additional entertainment district in the northernmost area of the center. Recently, IPC added security services to the public docks managed by the city. In short, IPC International Corporation and its security services have become a private ancillary extension of the city’s police department.

IPC regional manager was a co-recipient of the Downtown Impact Award and IPC played a key role in the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Association being awarded the Excellence in Safety Award by the Responsible Hospitality Institute in November 2009.

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